Plant Visits

Since completes construction of the plant, these facilities have been visited by representatives of different agencies involved in its operation. 


Visit 20/06/2017

20/06/2017. Students of the Erasmus Mundus program International Water and Coastal Management student (WACOMA).


Visit 09/06/2017

09/06/2017. Students of the Official Master's Degree in Geology and Environmental Management of Mineral Resources, International Universities of Andalusia and Huelva.


Visit 17/05/2017

17/05/2017. Professor Carmen MIhaela Neculita (and accompanist) from the University of Quebec at Abitibi-Temiscamingue (Canada).


Visit 19/11/2016

19/11/2016. Professor Juan Antelo from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) (Left), and Professor Dr. Alexander Van Driessche from the University of Grenoble Alps (Switzerland) (right).


rodaje vídeo

23/06/2016. Visit technicians EDM-Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, SA, & nbsp; Portugal, the ETAD facilities.


rodaje vídeo

22/06/2016. Corporate video shoot for ETAD LIFE project.


foto Russel y Alejandro

17/06/2016. Visit Russell Birrell (left) geologist explorer Globe-Ex solutions (Australia), and Alejandro Munilla, country manager of ALS Laboratory Group SL.


foto Master CAT

17/06/2016. Visit of students of the Masters in Environmental Management Geology and Mineral Resources, from the International universities of Andalusia (UNIA) and Huelva (UHU).


profes Cataluña

15/06/2016. Catalan teachers visited the plant. From left to right: Isabel Villaescusa (Professor of the University of Gerona), Antonio Florido (professor at the Polytechnic University Catalonia) and Nuria Fiol (professor at the University of Gerona).


IES conquero Huelva

4/05/2016.  Aguasanta Miguel Sarmiento, of the University of Huelva, gave a lecture to students in 2nd year of IES Alto Conquero Huelva on acid mine drainage in the province. During this intervention he presented the LIFE-ETAD project.



22/04/2016. Visit the LIFE-ETAD plant students in the Master in "Integrated Water Management. Conservation and hydrological modeling "systems at the University of Cadiz.


auditoria europea

08/04/2016. Site visit on the occasion of the audit carried out by a technician EU for monitoring the proper development of the project.


Grupo St Andrews

23/03/2016. Teaching visit of a group of students from the University of St. Andrews who visited the facilities of the LIFE project. In all there were 39 students and 2 teachers. A visit them accompanied Manuel Olías of the University of Huelva.

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