LIFE-ETAD participated as a partner in the XIII National Congress of Irrigation Communities of Spain, organized by the National Federation of Irrigators Communities of Spain (FENACORE) and the Community of Irrigators of Palos de la Frontera and from 12 to 16 May 2014 in Huelva.

Since the passive treatment of acid mine drainage proposed by the LIFE project seeks to achieve ETAD debugging these waters as to allow its use for irrigation, the event proved to be the ideal for presentation to the Spanish irrigation sector under our project.

This event became known to the Project LIFE-ETAD by delivering promotional flyers (brochures) to each congressman (over 1,100 attendees from across Spain) and installing a permanent stand in it, publishing articles in the Bulletin of Congress and quarterly newsletters of the organization and sending email advertising from FENACORE all federated Irrigators Communities.




Project goal

Implement an optimized design of a passive treatment system for acid mine drainage process, in a kind of IPF mining location.

Demonstrate by building and launching a full-scale plant of passive treatment technology...(+) 

Project progress

 First works of the experimental treatment plant LIFE ETAD have already executed; they have consisted in transplanting of the protected species plants (Erica andevalensis) present in the plot and that could be affected by the execution of the works.


Private area

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