Fiscal highlights the future role of the LIFE ETAD European project in the environmental recovery of the Odiel river basin (EN)

The councillor opens the facilities of the water treatment plant of water deriving from the mining activity in Huelva

The councillor of Environment and Territory, Jose Fiscal underlined today at Mina Concepción, located on the edge of Almonaster la Real, (Huelva) the future implications of the results that might arise from the European project LIFE-ETAD in the environmental recovery of the river Odiel basin. The councillor was present in the pilot treatment station opening, presently with the purification results of water  deriving from acid mine drainage in a follow up and evaluation stage.

The Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio  - Council of Environment and Territory participates in the project through the Agencia de Medio Ambiente y Agua - Environment and Water Agency,  the entity in charge of the plant building project. On its turn, the company Sacyr Construcción leads the project and is the partner responsible for the accomplishment of works, while The University of Huelva contributes with knowledge and research related to the passive purification process which will be for the first time tested in this project.

The LIFE–ETAD project is subsidised by the European Union LIFE financing tool. From the global 2,6 million Euros of the LIFE project, 49,9% come from community funds as the rest is sponsored by the partners.

 The acid mine drainage consist of waters whose PH drops to acidic levels, and are to be found in locations where mining activity had once taken place.  Validating this system in the Odiel river basin, one of the most contaminated rivers in the world, would allow exporting the technology to other territories with similar problems, making at the same time the mining activity feasible with an environmental perspective.

The Mina Concepción station has at its disposal several reservoirs which contain a reactive material that allows improving the quality of the water to be drained, provided that it undergoes the complete purification circuit. The equipments have been designed to work by means of gravity, thus avoiding the consumption of electricity. The follow up and assessment of the purification process will enable to determine if the system is adequate as a low-cost solution to the acid mine drainage. Besides, according to tests performed during the study phase, the water purification level is adequate to enable its reuse as an irrigation resource. 

Fiscal highlighted that accomplishing the LIFE-ETAD would suppose the real application of this purifying system developed by the University of Huelva and the development by Andalusian scientists of a technology unique in the world. “In the last years important steps are being taken towards both the recovery of the river basins contaminated by the previous mining activity and to ensure that the this is a sustainable and environmentally feasible industry”, he stressed.  


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Source: Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio

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