- Preliminary work.

- Study on selection of potential locations and the introduction of the plant to build.

- Drafting the basic design of the plant operations and defining an outline of the process. The treated water will pass through the plant equipment by gravity without electricity consumption.

- Optimization laboratory work for modeling and predicting the behavior of the treatments under different scenarios.

- Management of authorizations required for the construction of the plant.

- Implementation of the project.

- Monitoring of the acid shock.

- Design of the treatment process.

- Development of construction project. Plant design, structural calculations of the different teams that form, technical specifications, drawings, measurements and budget

- Construction of the plant designed for continuous operation at maximum capacity. As well as the activities required for their operation and maintenance.

- Chemically contaminated and treated for a previous installation of water system physical monitoring hydrological year, and during all the time of operation.

- Impact assessment of the project

- Estimated life cycle, according to the ISO 14040 standard, allowing to evaluate the environmental impacts associated with mining obtaining improved water quality.

- Performing a feasibility study and efficiency from a technical and economic standpoint.

- Analysis of the impact on the local economy and population.

- Communication and dissemination for the transfer of the results by using web page, media and events.

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