Environment Agency and Water Andalucía

C / Johan G. Gutenberg, 1 - Isla de la Cartuja
CP 41092 - SEVILLA, Sevilla. (Spain)
Phone: 902 52 51 00
Its purpose is to carry by itself or through public or private entities to participate, related to the protection, conservation, reclamation or improvement of the environment and water activities, as well as any other activity budget, complement, development or consequence of the above.

Construction Sacyr, SA

C / Paseo de la Castellana 83-85. Fifth Floor
CP 28046. Madrid. (Spain)

Sacyr Construction operates in all areas of civil engineering and building. It is present in some of the major projects worldwide in works of great complexity characterized by their size or technical difficulty, as the Panama Canal expansion.

Regarding the type of work performed, Sacyr Construction works in road transport, rail, water, airport, port and urbanization, high-speed rail lines, subways, airports, highways, motorways, etc.. and has great presence in works of public and private buildings.

Besides activity in Spain, Sacyr Construction carried out an intense international activity conducted through subsidiaries implemented locally with local teams also work. Thus, this activity Sacyr Construction deal in Spain, Chile, Costa Rica, Ireland, Panama, Algeria, Israel, Somague in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde and Brazil, and SIS in Italy.


University of Huelva

C / Dr. Cantero Cuadrado 6
CP 21071 - Huelva. (Spain)
The researchers involved in the project belong toLaboratory of Environmental Geochemistry and MineralogyGroup Tharsis Research (RNM-198), Department of Geology. His main research activities focus on the mining and industrial pollution source river and estuarine systems, paying particular attention to the processes that generate such pollution, natural attenuation mechanisms of this as well as the development of passive treatment systems for remediation.
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